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Engaging Members During a Crisis


Whether clubs are partially operating or closed altogether due to the coronavirus, it is critical for clubs to retain their status as a valued, safe space for their members. The following resources include sample communications to members, ideas for continuing the club experience at home or on-site and other important information.


Here are downloadable sample letters developed by clubs that can be sent to club members.


As new information is released regarding club membership during times of closed operations we will provide links to resources here.

NCA past webinar:

Past webinars provided by other industry leaders:

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers are for informational purposes and not for the purposes of providing legal advice. Viewers should not rely upon the information shared as legal advice.

Clubs can utilize numerous communications platforms to send information, share instructional videos, organize live meetings and social events, offer tips and best practices, and deliver other important information to keep members updated and engaged. Here are several ideas we have seen from clubs across as the country:

  • New newsletters that offer fitness tips, kids’ activities, calming exercises, and that encourage members to share photos with each other
  • Online social events like happy hours and wine and book clubs
  • Instructional videos of dance lessons, golf tips, yoga classes, cooking demonstrations and other activities
  • Content creation platforms that allow members to share photos, videos and experiences with each other
  • Virtual library of downloadable activities for families, online personality tests, etiquette for teens, TED Talks and virtual experiences
  • Video consultations with club pros for help with your swing, practice drills, exercises and stretches for golfers and racquet sports

Social media provides numerous ways to keep members engaged while they are not at the club. Apps like Facebook Live and YouTube both have capabilities to create live streams for club staff and members to interact online. Email and newsletters remain popular means to distribution updates and fun ideas for members.

Texting services like MemberText and others can disseminate critical club updates. MemberText is offering a 60-day free trial for clubs by referencing the National Club Association.

Virtual meeting tools like Zoom can host up to 40 individuals for free. Skype and Google Hangouts provide similar experiences.

Most  streaming and video services can be utilized through a smartphone and computer for free. Some require payment for services or premium features.