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Strategies for leading in times of crisis.


NCA’s Legacy Alliance Partner and primary sponsor of the Board Leadership Institute, GGA Partners, has been connecting with club leaders around the world about the approaches they are taking and strategies they are putting in place in relation to COVID-19’s impact on clubs that are focusing their club’s leadership group, calming their members and maintaining a sense of community while taking the advice of experts and various authorities.

Business leaders across the globe, regardless of their size and industry, have been confronted with the same challenge: caring for their families, their employees and their organizations. Complicating the challenge is all we do not know about what lies ahead. But we know this: We must do everything in our power to continue to nurture the culture and sense of community our clubs provide to members, guests and staff and in ways that bring value and comfort, because that is what they expect of their leaders.

Leaders’ success in building and maintaining trust, while guiding their clubs through difficult times, is directly related to three key areas: speed, collaboration and communication. As we work to move forward even amid rapidly changing conditions, to help you think through key challenges and make the best decisions possible, GGA Partners is committed to producing information that we hope you will find informative and helpful.