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What Clubs Need to Know

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COVID-19 separated us. Vaccines are bringing us together.

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For nearly 60 years, the National Club Association has been leading the fight for issues that matter to private clubs, by educating and informing club leaders, and supporting our industry by uniting and strengthening private clubs. Members have access to 1,000+ resources, unlimited access to webinars, insight into what’s happening on Capitol Hill, periodicals and publications and more.

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Responding to the Coronavirus

What Clubs Need to Know

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, became a global health emergency in January 2020, as declared by the World Health Organization. Since February 2020, the National Club Association has been sharing information and resources with the private club community. From the creation of this website to development of a Town Hall Webinar Series, NCA has been in the forefront of helping clubs face this challenge. NCA is also addressing issues related to club finance, leadership, health & safety, operations, membership and the workforce.

One of the most important services NCA is providing during this unpredictable time is lobbying. Our government relations activities include advocating to

members of Congress on the importance of relief for the club industry, organizing campaigns to engage clubs in contacting their representatives to include 501(c)3 nonprofit clubs in future relief assistance, and to assist clubs in understanding which relief programs they are eligible and how to apply for loans.

NCA understands the impact COVID-19 is having on the private club community we serve and we are committed to tailoring our services to provide the best information to our member clubs. If your club is not a member, please consider NCA membership as an important business decision during this critical time and as we look to the future of the industry.

Immediate Support

NCA is actively working to compile key resources to protect clubs, their employees and members. In addition, we are sending an NCA COVID-19 Club Update newsletter to keep clubs informed on the latest news and resources, offering Town Hall calls to answer your questions and continually updating this website.

If you have additional questions about these resources, please call the National Club Association at 202-822-9822. In addition, we would like to hear from you about precautions or changes to your club’s activities. Share your club’s plans, communications and safety procedures with NCA here.

Sample Newsletter

Listen to Past Town Halls

NCA is a proud sponsor of Clubs HELP and we encourage all private clubs to join in this effort to “adopt a local hospital” and, with members, companies and individual donors, pitch in to gather, collect and deliver the most critical items and resources. The network has reached more than 60 clubs in 13 states and were recently featured in an NCA webinar and on Fox News. Visit their website here and see the full interview here.

Clubs HELP was founded by David Bachman, CCM, CCE, GM/COO of Spring Brook Country Club, Golf Legend Ernie Els and Rob Goulet, CEO, Entertainment Sports Partners, Inc.

Additional Resources for COVID-19

Monitor daily advisories from the CDC and the WHO and update protocols in accordance with the recommendations of these agencies.

For more information and resources on flu prevention for businesses, check out these CDC pages or the CDC Business Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist.

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